Resources - Websites

General ELL Resources:

1) Colorin Colorado: A wealth of information about educating English learners. There are resources for families and educators in both English and Spanish. Hundreds of topics including: ELL assessment, oral language, reading and writing instruction for ELLs, and tips for parents.

2) Orange County Department of Education’s Project Connect – Title III: This is an enormous glossary of ELD strategies and terms. It includes descriptions of effective strategies as well as many video examples of the strategies in action.

3) CAL - Center for Applied Linguistics. This website includes research and resources on a wide variety of linguistic and cultural topics.

4) Dual Language Education of New Mexico’s website includes information, resources and links on a wide variety of topics including: Instruction & Assessment, Research & Development and Advocacy, Family & Community.

5) National History Education Clearinghouse - A great website for resources, strategies and materials for teaching ELLs about history

Instruction and Teaching Strategies:

1) The Teaching Channel offers hundreds of videos highlighting teaching strategies, differentiation, assessment, behavior and more.

2) This website from the Department of Education offers links to websites and resources on hundreds of content area topics.

3) A great website from the San Diego County Office of Education. Strategies, resources and research on the topics of: Academic Language for All, Vocabulary Across the Curriculum, and Oral & Written Language.

4) Reading Rockets provides a vast amount of information on teaching reading. Make sure to check out the Reading Topics A-Z tab to access a variety of strategies, information and articles including: English Language Learners, Brain and Learning, Families and Schools, Content Area Teaching & Learning and much more.

5) Jeff Zwiers’ website on Academic Language and Literacy contains a great information and teaching tips on topics such as: academic conversations, reading comprehension, assessment, Common Core State Standards: English Learners, Content Areas etc.

6) Education Oasis - This website has many resources for teachers including printables, graphic organizers, classroom management advice and more.

Resources for image searches

1) Millions of photos from the Life photo archive

2) Orange County Department of Education site with digital kits organized by subject and grade level

3) Calisphere - Themed collections of primary sources

4) Word Sift - Paste a whole passage that you are studying and it lifts up vocabulary that is used frequently used in the passage and then gives you links for images for that vocabulary.

5) Tag Galaxy - Type in a search word and it provides thousands of images on the topic.

6) SEN Teacher - To make your own photo cards, click on “AAC Photo Cards”. You can type in your photo labels and search for your picture in the keyword box. If you don’t want your cards labeled, delete the text in the photo label box. If you don’t like the initial photo, click on “change picture” and it will search for different photos. This site as other resources as well. For example, go to the top of the page and click on “Print Literacy” and it will give you options to make your own word searches, word scrambles, onset/rime tiles etc.

7) neoK12 - For each of the 100+ subject area topics, this website provides photo images, video clips, games and more. You can also create and save presentations.

8) National Geographic Kids photo gallery

9) National History Education Clearinghouse - A fantastic website listing multiple websites for accessing visuals supporting the teaching of history

GLAD and Chants/Rap resources:

1) Forest Grove School District’s GLAD Units - Great collection of K-6th grade units

2) Teaching with Style - A blog entry which describes in detail a second grade teacher’s experience learning about GLAD. At the bottom of the page is a Scribd document that details many GLAD strategies and provides excellent photo examples

3) Godsman Elementary School Teacher Resource Page - Excellent collection of links and documents to support GLAD as well as general content and literacy learning

4) Dual Language Education of New Mexico’s GLAD Chant Bank - Very large collection of GLAD chants for grades K-8th. Many content topics and some chants are in Spanish as well

5) Educational Rap - Educational rap and hip-hop songs and worksheets. Many subject areas and topics. Song previews, lyrics and some additional resources are free but song downloads or streaming licenses are fee-based.

6) Spokane School District's GLAD resource page offers many complete units and links to resources helpful to designing and implementing GLAD.

7) Spokane School District's collection of GLAD units

8) The Rialto Unified School District’s GLAD resource page

9) North Clackamas School District sample units. Scroll down to find several units available online

10) Everett School District's collection of GLAD units

11) Matanuska-Susitna District's collection of GLAD units

12) Pasco School District's GLAD Chant Collection - A good selection in both English and Spanish

Newcomer/Beginner resources:

1) - This site has some lesson ideas for ELD teachers working with Newcomers/Beginners