About this site

This resource was developed by the Northwest Regional Educational Service District (NWRESD) in collaboration with the Forest Grove, Beaverton and Hillsboro school districts located in northwest Oregon to support teachers of English Language Learners in the 20 school districts within our region. This resource was developed in direct response to teacher and administrator request to better understand and meet the special linguistic and academic needs of ELLs.

• In our region for the 2010-11 academic school year there are 11,197 identified ELL students. Approximately, 1 of every 4 ELL students in the state of Oregon is housed in this region.

• Generally, ELLs have some of the highest push out and drop out rates in the state.

• Currently, teachers are not required by the state to have an ESOL endorsement to be a regular education content area teacher, nor are they required in teacher preparation programs to receive training on how to instruct ELLs.

Thus, it is incumbent upon the school districts to provide this training to teachers.  Doing so places a strain on already limited financial resources and often requires teachers to be out of the classroom to receive the training.  This website provides a more cost effective method for teacher training and reduces the time teachers are out of the classroom. It is from this premise that this website has evolved.