Picture File Card Resources

Millions of photos from the Life photo archive

Orange County Department of Education site with digital kits organized by subject and grade level

Calisphere - Themed collections of primary sources

Word Sift - Paste a whole passage that you are studying and it lifts up vocabulary that is used frequently used in the passage and then gives you links for images for that vocabulary.

Tag Galaxy - Type in a search word and it provides thousands of images on the topic.

SEN Teacher - To make your own photo cards, click on “AAC Photo Cards”. You can type in your photo labels and search for your picture in the keyword box. If you don’t want your cards labeled, delete the text in the photo label box. If you don’t like the initial photo, click on “change picture” and it will search for different photos. This site as other resources as well. For example, go to the top of the page and click on “Print Literacy” and it will give you options to make your own word searches, word scrambles, onset/rime tiles etc.

neoK12 - For each of the 100+ subject area topics, this website provides photo images, video clips, games and more. You can also create and save presentations.

National Geographic Kids photo gallery

National History Education Clearinghouse - A fantastic website listing multiple websites for accessing visuals supporting the teaching of history