Sentence Patterning Chart Resources

Sentence Patterning Charts - (click here for explanation)


1) This video shows a teacher going through the first two columns of the sentence patterning chart process with a group of primary students. It shows some helpful management and brainstorming although it cuts off before the chart is complete. Regardless, it gives a good idea of how to introduce it with students.

2) This is kind of a long video but it shows a trainer explaining the whole process of sentence patterning charts to a group of teachers. She also has a reading game version/application at about 15:30 and a trading game version/application at around 18:50. Great variations/extensions!

3) A real quick shot of how a teacher is extending the sentence patterning shot by having the group turn the verb column into past tense.

4) This is a really short video of a student leading her class in singing the sentence patterning chart.


In Spanish:


Sentence Pattern Chart (Spanish)


In English for Primary (use three adjectives and NO adverb):


Sentence Pattern Chart 1


Sentence Pattern Chart 2


For Elementary – Secondary (use two adjectives and an adverb):


Sentence Pattern Chart 3