What are language proficiency levels?

The English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards are written as pathways to the Oregon English Language Arts (ELA) standards. The ELP Standards are designed to supplement the ELA standards to ensure that Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students develop proficiency in both the English language and the concepts and skills contained in the ELA standards. In the state of Oregon, there are five language proficiency levels: Level 1-Beginning, Level 2-Early Intermediate, Level 3-Intermediate, Level 4-Early Advanced, and Level 5-Advanced. The English language development standards provide teachers with information they can use to ensure that English language development is occurring appropriately for all LEP students. Teachers can request the ELP level or ELPA score of a student in their class by contacting their school district office. Knowing the language proficiency level of each ELL student allows teachers to target their instruction accordingly and significantly increases the quality of sheltered instruction delivered in the classroom.