Ideas & Strategies - Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

PE Attitude and Effort Rubric: created by Lakeville South HS

Effort Rubric from Hill & Flynn: rubric has example of an adapted rubric for ELLs along with the mainstream one.

Effort Log: from All Kinds of

Effort and Achievement Chart: from Hill and Flynn, demonstrates how students can chart their effort
and academic achievement on one chart to see the correlation between
the two.

T-Graph for Social Skills: strategy for recognizing positive group behavior and explicitly teaching desired social skills. Includes directions and examples. This can also be done as a process grid.

Topic Specific Award Directions and Examples: awards that are earned by students for following explicit classroom standards for individual behavior. These are much like a sticker, but they are connected to academic content. Students are provided with concrete, descriptive feedback on how they earned the award.

Achievement Rubric: adapted for ELLs from Hill & Flynn

Students can track and graph (doc) their progress on anything from spelling tests to math facts to behavior.