Resources - Cooperative Learning

Kagan's strategies for cooperative learning

Smith's suggestions for developing interdependence and accountability and building teamwork skills

Wait time article in the context of cooperative learning

Cooperative Learning: A to Z Teacher Stuff

An overview of cooperative learning and some resources for finding online cooperative learning activities and lesson plans to try in your classroom.

Cooperative Learning - Resources (CA Dept of Education)

Designed and implemented by teachers who are loyal to the key elements of cooperative learning and dedicated to regarding diversity as a resource,

Instructional Strategies Online - Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning is an instructional strategy that simultaneously addresses ... Teacher Resources. Cooperative Learning Lesson · Cooperative Learning,

Cooperative Learning Center

Cooperative Learning is a relationship in a group of students that requires ... The Cooperative Learning Center is a Research and Training Center ... Except as noted, the contents of this site are copyright © David and Roger Johnson.

Cooperative Learning - Special Connections

Best academic practices for: inclusive classrooms. Focus on Exceptional ... This site provides cooperative learning activities and lessons

Cooperative Learning and Assessment

Cooperative learning groups present unique and important opportunities and benefits for instruction, assessment, evaluation, and reporting.

Complex Instruction

Complex Instruction evolved from over 20 years of research by Elizabeth Cohen, Rachel Lotan, and their colleagues at the Stanford School of Education.