How this site is organized

Under each of the Effective Teaching Strategies are four subheadings:

  • Research - Marzano, Pickering & Pollock performed a meta-analysis of the most effective instructional practices. It is important to distinguish "activity" from "instructional strategy" and examining the results of the research will help us as teachers to become more explicit in our instruction as we identify specific interventions.
  • Application for ELLs - The focus is to support teachers in getting beyond the simplistic premise that, "good teaching is simply good teaching." This section offers concrete suggestions on the "what" and "how" to implement specific instructional techniques designed to increase language acquisition and content knowledge that benefit all students, but are critical for ELLs.
  • Ideas & Strategies - Provides examples of the research-based strategies and activities that can be used in the classroom including: videos, lesson plans, blackline masters, graphic organizers and photos of the stategies in practice. 
  • Resources - Additional information on theory and practice including references, books, articles, studies and websites.